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About Us

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The Fusz Philosophy


WE BELIEVE that by treating people fairly and with respect, our business will prosper. In order to do this, we as owners must treat our employees this way, and our employees will reflect this treatment to our customers.

WE BELIEVE that hard work will be rewarded. If you put forth the effort, sooner or later, the benefit of your labor will surface. We believe, also, that is our responsibility to give you the opportunity to excel, and when we succeed, we will share in the fruits of that labor.

WE BELIEVE that work is fun. You must enjoy what you are doing in order to do your best. It is our responsibility to provide the proper atmosphere for this enjoyment.

WE BELIEVE that being the best in a particular field is fun. We love to win.

WE BELIEVE that there will never be a time when we have reached our peak. We constantly reset goals; we must not relax. If we do not move forward we are moving backwards.

Our business depends on each and every person that is employed here. A team approach will make the difference. The Good Lord has blessed us..always remember that.


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Constant Improvement


Lou Fusz Gives Back to
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Giving Back

Lou Fusz Athletic

Be Happy

"Hear What Some of our Team Members Have to Say"

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Jason Catlin - General Manager

"It is very much a family run business and they treat their employees with respect."

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Aneesa Majid - Sales Consultant

"You feel a real sense of family when you work here and they treat their employees well."

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Zach Higdon - Sales Manager

"My favorite part about working here is the people. Typically on most days we like to have fun."

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Andy Stumm - Service Manager

"Lou Fusz is a good company to start a career with because there is a ton of room for growth"

Other Things We Do

VIP Auto Accessories


Jeans Day at Headquarters

For a $5 donation to Toys for Tots, we are allowed to wear blue jeans at headquarters. Last year we raised $3,726 for toys.

This year we filled 60 barrels with toys throughout the Lou Fusz Automotive Network.

This is an Annual event for our Network where we partner with the local Marine Corps Reserve.

Annual St. Louis Triathlon

Every year Lou Fusz Subaru sponsors the St. Louis Triathlon.

Over 1,000 area athletes participate every year.

One of the preeminent event on the St. Louis calendar.

Creve Coeur Park is the venue for this annual event.

"It is fun working for Lou Fusz. It is so much fun to interact with customers on a day to day basis"
Alondra Cornejo-Frias
Sales Consultant

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